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Do you want to support social change education and research?

Your financial support is important to the development of Kōtare’s ongoing education programmes and the maintenance of our residential educational centre. We rely on friends, members and supporters to help sustain our survival into a future which needs autonomous, kaupapa-driven organisations like ours more than ever. By contributing to Kōtare you are also supporting many people in communities around Aotearoa to work for justice and positive change. This objective will take long term vision and long term action, Kōtare wants to continue to offer our unique support in the long term too. Please help us achieve this.

Make a Donation

Donations are always very welcome. Our account details are: Kiwibank, Kotare Education Trust, 38 9011 0553330 00

Provide Ongoing Financial Support

Kōtare members are encouraged to support us through an automatic payment through their bank account, as this provides a stable and consistent income for the work. Even small amounts paid through an AP make a huge difference. Your donations for specific initiatives such as the building upgrade and wetland planting are also most gratefully received.

To set up at your bank to come out of your account – our details are:

Kiwibank, Kotare Education Trust, 38 9011 0553330 00

Join Kōtare

We rely on our members not only for financial support but as key contacts in local communities who can help us identify groups and people who would like to work with us. Whether it’s suggesting a young person for our leadership workshops or identifying a community campaign needing some help with strategies, or passing on our information to a community group interested in social change, members can play a critical role.

Would you like to become a member? For a membership form, please click here. Membership is $30/$15 per annum.

Postcards for sale

Kōtare has created a series of 8 postcards featuring a selection of political posters from our collection. Take a look at the cards here.

Thank you.