Auckland Workers’ Education Association (AWEA) works to advance, encourage, and provide adult and community education that promotes a just and equitable society, in accordance with te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Treaty Blog provides articles and useful facts from Treaty workers in Aotearoa.

Treaty Resource Centre – He Puna Matauranga o Te Tiriti aims to promote the understanding and facilitate the application of te Tiriti o Waitangi in Aotearoa. The site provides many useful learning resources related to the Treaty and colonisation.


The Barefoot Guide is a practical, do-it-yourself guide for leaders and facilitators wanting to help organisations to function and to develop in more healthy, human and effective ways as they strive to make their contributions to a more humane society. It has been developed by a collective of experienced practitioners from Canada, Cameroon, Ghana, India, Nepal and South Africa.

The Change Agency works with community organisers and activists in the Australia Pacific region to help people win social and environmental change. tCA’s site includes a fantastic selection of online training tools.

Colectivo Flatlander helps build a stronger popular movement for social, economic and racial justice in South and Southwest USA by working with communities and organisations who are engaged in these struggles.

Highlander Research and Education Center. Founded in 1932 in Tennessee, USA, Highlander uses popular education, participatory research and cultural work as a catalyst for grassroots organising and movement building.

JASS (Just Associates) was founded in 2002 by a group of long-time colleagues from 12 countries connected by common political struggles. JASS is committed to strengthening women’s voice, visibility, and collective organizing power to create a just and sustainable world for all. 

Partners Training for Transformation. Partners is a community development/education organisation based in Dublin, Ireland. It works to build confidence, competence and commitment within and between communities through a learning and action approach.

Plan to Win. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Plan to Win assists individuals, groups and campaigns to develop the skills and clarity required to win change in the world, and offers facilitation, training and mentoring services.

The Popular Education News. This newsletter about popular education and community organising resources for facilitators and practitioners ran to 70 issues, with the final issue published in August 2011. Back issues are archived on the site.

The Ruckus Society. Sparked in 1995, and officially born in 1996, The Ruckus Society is a multiracial social and environmental justice organization. Ruckus provides environmental, human rights, and social justice organizers with the tools, training, and support needed to achieve their goals.

smartMeme. With its aim of ‘changing the story’, the smartMeme collective has evolved a set of tools called ‘story-based strategy’ — a framework to link movement building with an analysis of narrative power by placing storytelling at the center of social change strategy.

SOUL (The School of Unity and Liberation) is based in Oakland, California, USA, and is working to lay the groundwork for a strong social justice movement by supporting the development of a new generation of organizers rooted in a systemic change analysis – especially people of colour, young women, queer and transgender youth, and low-income people.

Training for Change. Based in Philadelphia, USA, TFC promotes a direct education approach, focused on liberation and empowerment, to deliver skills to people working for social change.

Trapese – Popular Education Collective. Motivated by a passionate belief in the power of learning together, this UK collective focuses on practical steps to inspire, inform and enable action and workable alternatives.

Turning the Tide works with and on behalf of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain to translate their faith into action. TTT works with Quakers and other nonviolent community groups to advance the understanding of active nonviolence and its use for positive social change.

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