Freire at the Flaxroots

Freire at the Flaxroots: Analysis and action in Aotearoa, by Kōtare and Auckland Workers Education Association (AWEA). Published in 2014 by AWEA.

This series of interviews explores the influence of Paulo Freire—one of the most significant educators of the twentieth century—on people working at the flaxroots for social change in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Indigenous and non-indigenous grassroots activists talk about their social justice work, how they have been influenced by Freire’s ideas and how they have used and adapted them in the contexts in which they live and work.

Freire at the Flaxroots – Front Matter and Introduction

An Introduction to Structural Analysis

Betty Williams

Taimalieutu Kiwi Tamasese

Mitzi Nairn

Terry Dibble

Sister Makareta Tawaroa

Sue Bradford and Karen Davis

Phil Heeney

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