Kōtare works with individuals and groups involved in community-based campaigns and projects for a more just world. In our workshops, which draw on the ideas about participatory education of Paolo Freire, learning develops through discussion, creativity and reflection, using story-telling, participatory exercises, structural analysis tools, skillsharing, drama, art and music. We draw deeply on the practical wisdom of participants through the sharing and celebration of community experience.

Keeping the fires of collective action alive is vital to social change movements. Kōtare workshops emphasise coalition building across diverse groups and perspectives. Working together, participants share skills, build knowledge and create new insights to be shared and applied within their organisations and communities.

Since Kōtare began offering workshops in 1999, we have worked with hundreds of people aged from 13 to 80 striving for peace, equity and justice in areas such as: adult education, antiracism, community development, community economics, community gardening, disability rights, environmentalism, queer rights, radical church, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, unemployed workers’ rights, unions, women’s liberation, and youth rights.

We pride ourselves on high-quality facilitation and strive to ensure that workshops are inclusive, respectful and constructive.

Many of our workshops are run at the Kōtare Centre. However, our tutor teams also travel on request to communities throughout Aotearoa. If you are interested in participating in a Kōtare workshop, please get in touch with us at

Paulo Freire in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Kōtare Trustee Catherine Delahunty discusses the influence of Paulo Freire on popular education in Aotearoa/New Zealand here.

See also the e-book Freire at the Flaxroots: Analysis and action in Aotearoa, by Kōtare and Auckland Workers Education Association.