About Us

Kōtare Trust emerged as a response to the call for a ‘school for social change’ which came out of an early 1990s national dialogue of people and sectors working for change – ‘Building Our Own Future’. We were set up to offer Tiriti based social change education and research and have been offering programmes regularly since 1999.

Our name

Kōtare takes its name from the indigenous kingfisher of Aotearoa, with its raucous cry and brilliant feathers. When diving underwater the kotare is able to see clearly with the help of its extraordinary transparent third eyelid.

The kōtare challenges and inspires us to regard the world with clear vision, speak with a strong voice and act with a bold heart. We strive to get to the roots of injustice and to encourage those working for positive change.

Kotare Centre

The Kōtare Centre is located approximately one hour’s drive north of Auckland, in the rural setting of Hōteo North near Wellsford, within the rohe of Ngāti Whātua o Kaipara and under the maunga Kikitangeo.

The centre is a place to network and share learning, and to challenge and debate with each other in a safe atmosphere; it’s also a place to relax and reflect, and to share great food. The positive, lively environment at Kōtare welcomes, encourages and inspires those working for positive social change.

Painting by Peter Healy
Kikitangeo. Painting by Peter Healy